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Promotion News! Callan Wilson is now Senior Consultant

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We are delighted to announce the promotion of Callan Wilson to the position of Senior Consultant for the London office. (more…)

The B-WORD. Let’s Look Beyond The Headlines #DespiteBrexit

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I'm diving straight in with the B word. It matters to me and to Euro London, the Multilingual Recruitment business I’ve worked in for the last 13 years. (more…)

“I Am Genuinely Proud To Say I Work For Euro London”

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We interview Caryn Grosvenor about her amazing journey so far from Associate Consultant to Principal Consultant, and how she became Euro London's Top performer! (more…)

The Extra Miler Award for October 2017 goes to…

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Angel Ngan! ! We thank you Angel for your hard work and dedication to Euro London :)

Promotions for Alex & Manuel!

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12th October 2017 Dear All, I am delighted to announce the appointments of Alex Poyot and Manuel da Silva to the position of Senior Consultant for the London office. (more…)

Exciting news for Euro London! Meet our new Directors!

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We are delighted to confirm the promotions of Veronica McGuinness to Country Sales Director –UK and Stacey Arnison to Country Director - UK. (more…)

The Extra Miler Award for August goes to…

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Manuel Da Silva! Congratulations Manuel, thank you for your hard word and dedication to Euro London. Find out more about Manuel. 

What happens when you put the ELA team on a boat?

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We were treated to a lovely Boat Cruise in London! We have some serious movers and shakers in the team, check them out!

Dear Client, Don’t Hate Us! Sincerely Your Recruiter

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You have probably had a handful of bad experience with recruiters and honestly, I don’t blame you, so have I. Let’s change that! (more…)

The Extra Miler Award for July 2017 goes to….

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Nancy Paladina! Congratulations Nancy, thank you for your hard word and dedication to Euro London. Find out more about Nancy. 

We support the Rethink Mental Illness Charity!

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Nancy Paladina tells you why Euro London has chosen to support Rethink Mental Illness. Rethink is an organisation which offers support to those suffering with Mental Illnesses.

Should You Become a Translator?

Are you fluent in one or more foreign language? If the answer is yes, then that’s fantastic! Let me tell you about the benefits of using your Multilingual/Bilingual skills in a Translation role. Who loves flexible working hours? With translation jobs, a translator will be given a deadline by their client to complete a piece of work.  You can do this in the comfort of your own home or even in the funky coffee shop down the road from you. There are no set hours. Just make sure you get the work done within the time you are given. You need to be organised and smart with your time keeping, allowing time for edits to be made at the client’s request and to ensure all deadlines are met. There are also opportunities to become a full-time, in house translator for larger companies. The salary can range from £20,000 to £30,000 depending on the language and the size/nature of the company.   More money? Yes please. Freelance translators are usually paid around £60 to £120 or more per 1000 words. According to, here are the average salaries for: Starter Translator: £18, 000 Experienced Translator: £30,000 Highly Experienced: £40,000 Languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Korean & German are extremely important for businesses, therefore translators that are fluent in these languages are likely to receive excellent payment for their services. Multilingual/Bilingual employees are likely to receive 5% to 10% more than their non-multilingual counterpart.   You are SO in demand.  Companies are expanding quickly and are finding great opportunities to grow in foreign markets and due to Brexit, even more opportunities will arise for language speaking candidates, as Britain plans to target new markets outside of the European Union. According to research carried out by Professor James Foreman-peck for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), the assumption that everyone speaks English is costing the UK economy around £48bn a year, 3.5% of the GDP.   What will the job entail? If you like variety, this is definitely the job for you! You might be working on contracts between partners or investors, legal documents, website page translations & online content, marketing material, commercial material and more, again, depending on the nature of the business you are working for. Interpreters and translators play an enormous role in company expansion in different locations. What do you need? Employers usually require candidates to have a Bachelor’s Degree. Candidates must be fluent in English and another language, and formal training in translating may be required depending on the role/nature of the company.   So, if you are unsure about what to do with your Multilingual or Bilingual skills, why not search for a language speaking job as a translator? Euro London is one of the biggest language recruitment agencies in Europe with offices in London, France, Germany and Switzerland. If you are interested in a Translator role, please contact us: +44 (0)20 7029 3799 or VIEW ROLES