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How To Answer The Five Most Common Interview Questions

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Your telephone rings. After a few months of an exhausting job search, you finally hear the best phrase ever: “We would like to invite you for an interview”. Well, my congratulations to you! However, the most important part of your adventure has just started – get prepared for the interview. What does it mean? (more…)

Euro London’s Top 5 CV Tips!

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Listen to the experts! The consultants at Euro London share their tips with you to help you put your best foot forward! They look at hundreds of CVs every day so they know when they see a strong one! Enjoy the video and post comments :) +44 (0)20 7029 3799

The winner of the Extra Miler Award for April 2017 is…

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The winner of the Extra Miler Award for April 2017 is Manuel Da Silva! Awarded for his hard work and dedication to Euro London. Congratulations Manuel!  

New Euro London Website to Launch in May 2017

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Euro London has been going strong for 27 years and had one of the very first recruitment consultancy websites in 1996. Due to the international success and growth of the business, and the expanding team numbers, Managing Directors Steve and David Shacklock decided it was time for a new website to showcase all Euro London have to offer. (more…)

Work for Euro London!

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We are looking for a Multilingual Recruitment Consultant to join our team in London! You have to be fluent in English and any Euro Language. If you are interested, please email: or call on: +44 (0)20 7029 3799

The Winner of the Extra Miler Award for March 2017 is…

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The winner of the Extra Miler Award for March 2017 is Caroline Verhees! Awarded for her hard work and dedication to Euro London. Congratulations Caroline!

Hey Recruiter, what’s going on with my job application?

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Your career is important. The recruiter knows that. If they thought you weren’t serious about your search, they wouldn’t have put you forward for that role in the first place. Trust me – the last thing they want to do is waste their client’s time, or yours! The recruiter takes time to meet with their client to understand what they are looking for in their ideal candidate, then they have to search through hundreds of CVs on their system to find the perfect matches. Once they find a handful of CVs, they have to get through a few stages of interviews with the candidates before presenting them to their client. This is a long process! If you are someone who has been selected to be put forward for a role – then pat yourself on the back. Your CV matches the criteria and you are being considered for an interview. That’s great! Now what? Well, now you need to be patient. Remember that you are being considered for a role and you are not being ignored. Is it okay to contact the recruiter to see how the process is going? Answer: Yes, here is how: ·  If they miss your call, E-mail them – Recruiters are always on the phone pre-screening candidates or in meetings preparing candidates for their interviews. An email is more effective than a phone call as they can respond to you when they are back at their desks and can answer your questions thoroughly. They will be able to pull up your application or even chase up their clients prior to emailing you back. ·  Be patient – 9 times out of 10, the client has not yet responded to the recruiter yet about your application, which is why you haven’t yet had any updates from the recruiter. The recruiter wants to place you in a role ASAP, so don’t assume that you have been forgotten about. · Politely nudge them - Something like this: “Hi Linda, how are you? Just wondered if you heard back from <company name> yet. Let me know if you require any more information from me for this role. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks”. Just don’t be aggressive. You have to impress the recruiter to be put forward for the role after all! ·  Be proactive – Ask the recruiter if they have other roles available that you could be put forward for. Ask them if they think you need to gain more skills to achieve your career goals. Ask them for advice on how to better your CV. They are there to help you after all. If you are looking for a role and you have multilingual skills, please contact us: or call us: 020 7029 3799 Written by: Kalpana Skandakumar - Marketing Manager

The winner of the Extra Miler Award for February 2017 is…

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The winner of the Extra Miler Award for February 2017 is Alex Poyot! Awarded for his hard work and dedication to Euro London. Congratulations Alex!

3 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Recruiter

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Job searching isn’t easy. We have all been there, we get it. The best recruiters make the whole process seamless and less stressful for you.  They are super friendly and they ask all the right questions to make sure that they find you your ideal job. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you need to impress them first. They are the ones that choose the best CVs to present to their clients, so you need to make sure that you put your best foot forward and show them how professional you are. Be honest… just not TOO honest. Scenario 1: Asking about the Salary too soon Recruiter: “Hi Jack, I’ve just spoken to one of my clients from a great company over in London Bridge and there is an opportunity available in their IT team. Would you like to hear about it?” Candidate: “How much are they offering?” Outcome: You have just displayed that your focus is on making money and not developing your career. The recruiter needs to know that you have an interest in your field of work and that you would be a good fit for their client’s company Ideal response: Listen and then ask questions. Find out what the job responsibilities are and what the company culture is like. It’s not always about the money. Scenario 2: Your negative reason for leaving Recruiter: “Why are you looking to leave your current role?” Candidate: “I hate it here. My manager won’t give me a promotion so I want to leave”. Outcome: You will come across quite negative and this will make recruiters think twice about forwarding your CV onto their clients – even if you look good on paper, your attitude will have a huge impact on what a recruiter thinks about you. Ideal response: Saying this is acceptable: “Although I enjoyed my role at (company name), there was no room for progression and I think it’s time for the next step in my career”. Scenario 3: You think you know better than the recruiter Recruiter: “Let’s talk about your qualifications and experience which could relate to this particular role” Candidate: “I don’t need any. It’s an entry level role. I don’t need a degree or experience for that!” Outcome: Well, don’t be surprised if you don’t get a call back from the recruiter. They are here to work with you to find a role, they cannot perform miracles. They understand their client’s requirements and if you do not fit the bill, you cannot convince them to put you forward anyway. Ideal response: Be honest. Tell them you haven’t got any experience or qualifications. Tell them that you didn’t realise you required a degree for this particular role. Ask for advice on roles that you can be put forward for or ask about internships so that you can gain experience. If you are looking for a new role or for career advice, speak to one of our friendly consultants at Euro London. 020 7029 3799 Written by: Kalpana Skandakumar - Marketing Manager

Thinking of working abroad? Read this.

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Have you ever thought about a change of scenery? Whether you are currently unemployed, seeking a new role or your company has presented an opportunity for you to work abroad – these tips are for you! 1 – Start over, press reset This is your chance to start over. New location, new surroundings, new friends and new opportunities. Sure, the 1st stage of the move can be overwhelming but once you settle into your new place, you will be rewarded with life changing experiences and memories. 2 –  Culture Immerse yourself in the local way of living. Learn traditions and taste the food. Become aware of your surroundings. Learning the local language will be beneficial as a personal  skill and it will also look great on your CV! Mental stimulation is incredibly important for everyone and you will notice that your concentration and energy levels increase after you invest time into new experiences. 3 – More Money If you speak more than one language, then you can receive around 8-20% more than your monolingual counterpart. Multilingual candidates are a real asset to companies as they can assist with communicating with key clients and consumers, adding value to the company reputation. Also, depending on the location, the cost of living can be lower in comparison to where you currently reside. It would be beneficial to research salary and tax rates as well as property and travel prices before you make a decision to relocate. 4 – Enhance your CV Stand out from the crowd. Your experience abroad will showcase your ability to adapt to diverse workplaces and will demonstrate your understanding of business styles abroad. Also, it’s a great conversational piece for your first interview! 5 – New Connections When you meet new people you can potentially be introduced to new opportunities. You might gain a new perspective on different situations by talking to someone new as well as massively improve your language skills! You might make a new friend who introduces you to exciting new pastimes. You might meet someone in your professional network who is looking for someone with your expertise to join their business. Opportunities are endless. Experiences are priceless. If you are thinking about relocating for work and you speak more than one language, please contact us at Euro London. We can help to broaden your horizons. Search for Jobs Written by: Kalpana Skandakumar - Marketing Manager

Brexit – The latest hiring trends and updates

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Brexit – The latest hiring trends and updates After Brexit, it’s safe to say businesses and the general public were filled with fear for the future of the economy and the jobs market. Over the summer, research by Adzuna showed advertised vacancies did in fact fall by 31,000, but the number of jobseekers per vacancy stayed consistent. This may seem a dramatic drop, but the news reveals no major fluctuations despite the Brexit uncertainty. In fact, compared to six months ago, hiring in general saw an increase of 0.6%. Job industries thriving According to The Telegraph, there were 8,285 new finance jobs on the market last month, a rise of 5% over the previous month. August’s monthly hiring levels were also above average at 7,900, showing businesses remain confident regardless of the referendum result. Workers who moved to a new job in August typically saw a 16% pay rise, similar to the pay rises seen the same time last year at 17%. Sky News also reported growth in the consultancy sector with advertised vacancies up 5% each month, a 10% increase over this time last year. Another interesting point to note – consultancy salaries have increased by 8.9%. To add to the seeming demand and confidence in the job sector post-Brexit, there are ever more sectors showing a boost in yearly salaries. Including: Maintenance – up by 12.1%, Property – up by 7.9%, PR – up by 4%, and IT – up by 2%. According to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), although the number of advertised vacancies fell, employment rate reached its highest level since records began in 1971. Trends in online jobs A recent report from The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCO), showed permanent hiring has slowed down, however, temporary and contract employment has risen. The UK has undoubtedly seen a trend in self-employment as many workers seek for alternative sources of income. Not all recruiting boards witnessed a fall, with niche language job board Multilingual Vacancies reporting a steady increase in advertised jobs requiring German speakers during June compared to last year, with Dutch not far behind. The highest increases for both the amount of advertised jobs and applications submitted were in the legal sector at 37.5%, catering at 32.8%, and education at 32%. A recent Path Motion survey found, a massive 95% of employers consider having access to the EU graduate pool is vital to the success of their business. The jobs market certainly isn’t as dire as some financiers state. Many business owners across the country hold the stance ‘it’s business as usual’, and this attitude is clearly evident through the facts and statistics made known to the public. It’s impossible to tell exactly how Brexit will affect the jobs market as the current situation is far from mature. But the current details tell a very positive and encouraging story for the future of the UK hiring sector.

What incentives can you put in place to attract the best candidates?

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ELA300615-059 In today’s job market, salary is not the only sticking point for attracting top talent to your business – today, candidates want and crave more. To attract the best candidates you need to make your company culture as desirable as possible, and with young professionals claiming that work-life balance is more important than ever, your organisation needs to be enticing to reflect those changing desires.
That’s why it’s important to offer worthwhile incentives to help you attract and retain first-rate employees for your business to thrive.
Here are our top incentives you can start using today.
Growth opportunities
Internal growth opportunities show potential candidates you’re a company who’s serious about offering scope for career development. Being stuck in a dead end job isn’t attractive to most – the best candidates want to visualise a future with your company.
Show employees you’re willing to support and shape their professional career and they won’t feel the need to move on or look for new opportunities. This will increase your employee retention as well as attract better talent with the right skills for the job.
Financial incentives with stock shares
If employees know they can own equity, stock or receive performance bonuses, they’ll feel more inclined to push for greater results and be more willing to go that extra mile to make your business succeed.
The best candidates usually look for more than a simple 9-5. A financial incentive may not always be the only offering to win your ideal candidate, but this is certainly one perk that may sway their decision making.
Flexible schedule
As working habits have changed over recent years, offering flexible hours has become a widely accepted occurrence. Candidates want more freedom to set their own hours to work in harmony with their personal lives.
Offering this option could go a long way to secure that perfect candidate you’ve been looking for. However, you also need to ensure they are still achieving the results you expect and they stick to their agreed hours per day.
On the other hand, you could allow your employees to work from home – an even greater incentive for employees looking to balance their family and working lives more effectively. This can be a deal breaker for some and can increase overall job satisfaction, so it pays to consider how this could potentially work for your organisation.
Offering these options can lead to a happier and more contented workforce, which can in fact produce more efficient staff and better results for your business.
Showing trust in employees
Communicating the trust you have with your existing employees will show top candidates there is no fear of being micromanaged. They will realise you encourage an environment where creativity thrives and may feel more comfortable to share their ideas, which can lead to greater innovation within your business.
Organisations that trust their employees can increase employee morale, have a more productive workforce and decrease staff turnover.
Attracting top candidates requires offering the right benefits to the right audience as well as shaping a company culture that people want to be a part of. This will ensure you not only win the best candidates for the job, you’ll create better employee/employer relationships while encouraging them to stay for the long haul.