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Bad things to say at a job interview

  •  Posted on May 07, 2010  by  | No Comments

I recently came across a funny video that someone had posted on Twitter about bad things said at job interviews. It certainly amused me and put a smile on my face at the end of what was a busy day.


Here at Euro London we spend a lot of time with our candidates going through possible interview questions and provide them with an interview guide so they are as ready as they can be when they come to the actual interview.  This puts them in a good position for their interview – which – as we all know can be pretty daunting.  Here are our top tips for success at an interview:

  • First Impressions Count – Dress professionally even if you know the company has a casual dress code. After all it is better to be too smart than too causal!
  • Time Keeping – Never arrive at an interview late, it is advisable to enter the building about 10 minutes before the interview.
  • Research – Ensure you know as much about the company as possible – it is inevitable that you will be asked. The more you know the better your chance of success.
  • Show Enthusiasm – ensure you smile and make plenty of eye contact with your interviewer and always speak clearly and in a confident voice, no matter how nervous you may be.
  • Body language – Sit up straight, avoid slouching and try not to fidget too much – this will make you appear nervous and distract the interviewer from what you are actually saying.
  • Listen – This is often forgotten as candidates are too worried about selling themselves. Make sure you listen carefully to the questions asked and don’t be afraid to ask them to repeat the question.
  • Ask Questions – many candidates fail to ask questions and miss the opportunity to find out valuable information about the company. Prepare some questions in advance – the questions you ask indicate your interest in the company or job.

I hope these tips are useful and although they may seem obvious it is surprising how many candidates don’t get the basics right!


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