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Hey Recruiter, what’s going on with my job application?

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Your career is important. The recruiter knows that. If they thought you weren’t serious about your search, they wouldn’t have put you forward for that role in the first place. Trust me – the last thing they want to do is waste their client’s time, or yours! The recruiter takes time to meet with their client to understand what they are looking for in their ideal candidate, then they have to search through hundreds of CVs on their system to find the perfect matches. Once they find a handful of CVs, they have to get through a few stages of interviews with the candidates before presenting them to their client. This is a long process! If you are someone who has been selected to be put forward for a role – then pat yourself on the back. Your CV matches the criteria and you are being considered for an interview. That’s great! Now what? Well, now you need to be patient. Remember that you are being considered for a role and you are not being ignored. Is it okay to contact the recruiter to see how the process is going? Answer: Yes, here is how: ·  If they miss your call, E-mail them – Recruiters are always on the phone pre-screening candidates or in meetings preparing candidates for their interviews. An email is more effective than a phone call as they can respond to you when they are back at their desks and can answer your questions thoroughly. They will be able to pull up your application or even chase up their clients prior to emailing you back. ·  Be patient – 9 times out of 10, the client has not yet responded to the recruiter yet about your application, which is why you haven’t yet had any updates from the recruiter. The recruiter wants to place you in a role ASAP, so don’t assume that you have been forgotten about. · Politely nudge them - Something like this: “Hi Linda, how are you? Just wondered if you heard back from <company name> yet. Let me know if you require any more information from me for this role. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks”. Just don’t be aggressive. You have to impress the recruiter to be put forward for the role after all! ·  Be proactive – Ask the recruiter if they have other roles available that you could be put forward for. Ask them if they think you need to gain more skills to achieve your career goals. Ask them for advice on how to better your CV. They are there to help you after all. If you are looking for a role and you have multilingual skills, please contact us: or call us: 020 7029 3799

Thinking of working abroad? Read this.

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Have you ever thought about a change of scenery? Whether you are currently unemployed, seeking a new role or your company has presented an opportunity for you to work abroad – these tips are for you! 1 – Start over, press reset This is your chance to start over. New location, new surroundings, new friends and new opportunities. Sure, the 1st stage of the move can be overwhelming but once you settle into your new place, you will be rewarded with life changing experiences and memories. 2 –  Culture Immerse yourself in the local way of living. Learn traditions and taste the food. Become aware of your surroundings. Learning the local language will be beneficial as a personal  skill and it will also look great on your CV! Mental stimulation is incredibly important for everyone and you will notice that your concentration and energy levels increase after you invest time into new experiences. 3 – More Money If you speak more than one language, then you can receive around 8-20% more than your monolingual counterpart. Multilingual candidates are a real asset to companies as they can assist with communicating with key clients and consumers, adding value to the company reputation. Also, depending on the location, the cost of living can be lower in comparison to where you currently reside. It would be beneficial to research salary and tax rates as well as property and travel prices before you make a decision to relocate. 4 – Enhance your CV Stand out from the crowd. Your experience abroad will showcase your ability to adapt to diverse workplaces and will demonstrate your understanding of business styles abroad. Also, it’s a great conversational piece for your first interview! 5 – New Connections When you meet new people you can potentially be introduced to new opportunities. You might gain a new perspective on different situations by talking to someone new as well as massively improve your language skills! You might make a new friend who introduces you to exciting new pastimes. You might meet someone in your professional network who is looking for someone with your expertise to join their business. Opportunities are endless. Experiences are priceless. If you are thinking about relocating for work and you speak more than one language, please contact us at Euro London. We can help to broaden your horizons.

What I’ve learnt at Euro London

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-2-300x169I joined over 4 years ago in Windsor, as a recruitment consultant in Windsor and I am leaving as Associate Manager in London. I joined after going travelling to South East Asia and Australasia and I am leaving to move to Australia. So I guess I've come full circle. (more…)


Solving the Challenges of Learning a New Language

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World.FlagsAnybody who learned to speak multiple languages as an older child or adult will vividly remember the frustrations of studying an entirely alien method of communication. The rules of grammar in your second language may not function in the same way as your mother tongue, the new pronunciations seem near-impossible, and your two languages may be as foreign to one another as Mandarin is to English. (more…)


How to make the most of a deployment working abroad

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Working_abroadForeign deployments are becoming a highlight of many professionals careers and increased mobility within the EU enables many thousands of fellow Europeans every year to enjoy working in another country and culture with relative ease, moving between offices and countries to meet their counterparts, improve commercial skills in a new linguistic and cultural context and return to their home country months or years later with improved understanding of how their business operates in another country , a more open-minded approach and even new hobbies or interests developed abroad. (more…)


Why is Europe so important for Businesses with Language needs?

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EU-flagFollowing the result of the General Election in May, our relationship with our European cousins will over the next couple of years be one of the most critical political discussions. (more…)


Interview with Steve and David Shacklock: 25 years of Euro London Appointments (PART 6)

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2015-ELA25_2-PNGOver the past five weeks, we have covered the past, present and future of Euro London. To finish our series of insightful interviews with Steve and David, it’s time to share a bit of their fun sides! (more…)

Interview with Steve and David Shacklock: 25 years of Euro London Appointments (PART 5)

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IMG_9319 (1)We’ve covered quite a lot over the past few weeks, and learnt a lot about the changes and development of Euro London over the past 25 years. Now I’m going to share Steve and David’s thoughts on the future of Euro London and the recruitment industry... (more…)

Interview with Steve and David Shacklock: 25 years of Euro London Appointments (PART 4)

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P1010427Last week Steve and David talked to me about the effect technology and social media has had on the recruitment industry. This week I’ll be sharing their stories about the growth in charitable events we’ve been involved with at ELA… (more…)

Interview with Steve and David Shacklock: 25 years of Euro London Appointments (PART 3)

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P1010032 Last week we learnt about what makes the Euro London culture so unique, this week the interview with Steve and David Shacklock continues with a look at how technology and new media has changed the recruitment process... (more…)

Interview with Steve and David Shacklock: 25 years of Euro London Appointments (PART 2)

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IMG_9295Last week we had the first snippet of the interview with entrepreneurs David and Steve Shacklock, looking back on how it all started at Euro London Appointments 25 years ago. Now we’re going to find out about what makes the ELA culture we see today! (more…)

Interview with Steve and David Shacklock: 25 years of Euro London Appointments (PART 1)

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As part our 25eurolondonphoto blog post part1th anniversary celebrations, over the next few weeks we will be sharing an exclusive interview with the two Owners & Managing Directors of Euro London Appointments. We will find out how it all began, how we successfully made it to today, and what’s in store for the business in the 25 years to follow. Over a series of 6 blogs over 6 weeks, I will reveal some very interesting stories of ELA past, present and future!

So let’s start at the very beginning… (more…)