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Dear Client, Don’t Hate Us! Sincerely Your Recruiter

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You have probably had a handful of bad experience with recruiters and honestly, I don’t blame you, so have I. Let’s change that!

When you decide to work with a recruitment agency, there are so many directions the relationship can go in.

Here are 5 golden rules which will ensure a foundation for a positive working relationship.

  1. Let US come and visit your office

We do this for several reasons, mainly to find a candidate who is a perfect fit for your company culture, as well as the

If you are tired of us firing CVs at you only to find out at interview stage that the candidate isn’t a team fit, or they want a buzzing wolf-of-wall-street environment when you are all about foosball tables and beanbags, then invite us to your office. This will also help us attract the right type of candidates when we write the job advert for the role and meet the candidate before putting him/her forward. If this is not possible due to location of offices, invite us to have a Skype visit as an alternative.

  1. Take time to explain the job description (and everything in-between).

You may assume that your HR department has provided you with a very comprehensive job description, which to you, looks like exactly what you need.

As a recruiter, I’m telling you that 95% of job descriptions look very similar to what other companies provide us with. Take time to explain all the stuff that is not on there, what qualities or qualifications are the most important ones, what you as a hiring manager look for the most, why previous candidates have been rejected etc.

We are much more likely to find the right candidate if you can provide insight and details and answer questions we might have. Job descriptions can be vague, we need to attract the best talent for you, so make sure we have all the information so the candidate wants to work for your company and not some other company in a similar role.

  1. Give interview and CV feedback

Make sure you give interview feedback for us to pass on to the candidate regardless whether the candidate was successful or not. The candidate has taken time to visit you, and they deserve feedback even if it is just to improve. This might not be on top of your to-do list but it is important for all parties, including your own company as you don’t want to damage your own brand and reputation. With CV feedback this is the same. If you have been sent three CV’s and none of them are a good fit, tell us why. What are these candidates missing? Are there qualities or experience which isn’t apparent on the CV which could make all the difference? What would you like to see but isn’t there? This will help focus the search and will save you time in the long run.

  1. Keep your recruiter updated

Very important! And possibly the most important. If you are going on holiday for a week, tell us. If you are leaving the company, tell us. If you have other final stages and would like how those other candidates perform, tell us. Be honest with us, we will appreciate it. There is nothing worse than a client going AWOL for two weeks to Crete without telling us, prompting the candidate to accept another offer. If it is going to take a week before HR can prepare the contract and the offer letter, tell us so we can manage the candidate’s expectations and keep them warm! It only takes one minute to send an email and provide another point of contact or a timeline for when we can expect to hear from you again.

  1. Respect our expertise and advice

Finally, respect that we are experts in our field. When we say, “there aren’t many German speakers in your location willing to work a 25K job for a 20K salary”, trust us. When we say, “it is going to be hard to find a trilingual Russian, Malay and French speaker who also tick the 12 boxes on the job spec”, trust us. When we advise you to move quickly as a candidate has other offers, trust us. When we explain what you get for your money, trust us. We wouldn’t lie to you. We don’t want to lose you as a client, our business is built on great relationships with people, nothing more nothing less.

About Euro London: We are Europe’s Largest Multilingual Recruitment Consultancy based in Blackfriars, London.

We have been going strong for 27 years and we have over 60 consultants who combined, speak 15 languages.


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Written by: Pernille Nielsen, Sales & Marketing Recruitment Consultant


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