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“ELA is the most engaging consultancy in London”

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My name is Marco and I am a native Italian speaker. I was placed in a Customer Service role in a Multinational Company, working within the Marketing Research area.

How did you find out about Euro London?

I was contacted by Euro London after applying for a job position on their website.

What makes Euro London different from other recruitment consultancies?

Euro London is without any doubt, the most engaging consultancy in London. They have certainly shown a unique approach and attention to the candidate’s needs, feelings and expectations. Also of course, they are very very fast and accurate!

Why should other job seekers sign up with Euro London?

According to me, every job seeker with strong language skills should sign up with Euro London. Principally because they can offer a vast range of good job opportunities in London. Moreover, they provide useful advice in order to help the candidate facing the selection process. Finally, they introduce the candidate to their clients in the most efficacious way possible. In other words, they “make things happen”!

How was your experience with the consultants at Euro London?

Dealing with Euro London has been a very satisfying experience. I received my first call on a Monday and I got my new job on the Thursday. Specifically, the interview with the consultant was great from all points of view. Stacey has been accurate, detailed and emphatic unlike any other. Her positive attitude transmitted new energies: the same energies that helped me to get the job. At the same time, she gave me the opportunity to meet other consultants in order to gain further opportunities. When I left their office, I felt happy and sure to have a team of focused consultants by my side.I had the confidence that I will soon find a new job!

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