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The Beauty of Recruitment – Why You Should Register with a Recruitment Agency Today– Margaret O’ Keeffe

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102-300x100Dear reader,   It cannot be denied that finding one’s dream job is no easy task. Job seekers can search for weeks, months and even years to find the position that is perfect for them. This is the reason why all ambitious and motivated job seekers should register with a recruitment agency.   After just over five months of working at Euro London Appointments, I have identified the four reasons for which registering with a recruitment agency is highly advantageous to anybody in search of a new job... (more…)

Top 5 Integration Tips

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BBC East EndersYou will hear a multitude of languages when walking through the streets of London. The capital is a highly diverse and multicultural hotspot. Many, including myself, are not native Londoners or even English. And yet, many of us ‘foreigners’ will share a desire to experience and explore the capital to the fullest and to integrate and learn as much as possible about the culture we now form a part of. For me personally, England is the 7th country I have lived in thus far. As a result, attempting to integrate into a new society and culture is by no means a foreign concept to me. Here are my top 5 tips on how to do so: (more…)

6 ways learning German improves your life

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Fishing is boring, I wish I could learn German       The 20th century firmly cemented English in its position as the world language – the remnant of an empire, the tool of our global village, the hammer that broke down cultural walls. But where English thrives, so too do other languages suffer.   Save the whales, save the trees … save the languages! “What’s in it for me?” I hear you cry – well here’s a list of why learning German, in particular, actively improves your life and saves a dying species:   (more…)

Career Spotlight – Being a Recruitment Consultant – Part 2/4

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Happy-EmployeesWhat about working at Euro London?

Michael Classen has been a recruiter at Euro London Appointments for 5 years. Fluent in Italian, he is Associate Manager of the Sales, Marketing and PR Division. Today, here comes again our mini series of articles on “Being a Recruiter”. Last week, Michael told us more about what is recruitment. Today, he shares with us information about what it's like to work at Euro London Appointments!   (more…)

Career Spotlight – Being a Recruitment Consultant – Part 1/4

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What is Recruitment?

Find a vacancy, find a person, put the two together and voila ££££’s!

  Well, a little more work and effort is needed... Michael Classen has been a recruiter at Euro London Appointments for 5 years. Fluent in Italian, he is Associate Manager of the Sales, Marketing and PR Division. Today, we are starting a mini series of articles on "Being a Recruiter" and Michael shares with us his vision on the career he has chosen. (more…)

The Five Essential Qualities of a Good Candidate – Margaret O’ Keeffe

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Candidate_pick_meDear reader, For the past three months, I have been working as a Resourcer at Euro London Appointments, searching for suitable candidates for assigned positions on a daily basis. Once the candidates who are perceived to possess the relevant experience and educational background necessary have been found, it is time to get in touch and arrange the mandatory telephone interview, an opportunity for the candidate to create a good first impression, to present themselves appropriately and to discuss their previous experience as well as their skills, strengths and capabilities. I then pass along the résumé of the candidate to the relevant consultant, who will contact them for a second discussion and later decide whether or not to proceed with the candidate and present them to the client for interview. Upon the constant repetition of these resourcing activities, I have quickly learned what constitutes a good candidate. For me, there are five essential qualities that any good candidate should possess... (more…)

Italians abroad: 5 tips before leaving the “Bel Paese”

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An Alitalia plane approaches to land as an Italian flag is seen at Fiumicino international airport in RomeSo you've finally finished University, you're still in Italy and you've just started thinking about what your next step will be. A million questions are flowing through your mind and you are seriously considering leaving the “Bel Paese”.   Then suddenly the cosmopolitan and multicultural English capital flashes before your eyes: “why don’t I go to London and build my career and success there?“       Great idea! However, before making this decision, you need to make a list of things to consider and to do before leaving the sunny country - if you really want to have a job and success in the UK. (more…)

Euro London Appointments and Language Learning – Margaret O’ Keeffe

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Deutsch lernen ist leichtThis Applied Languages student is officially two months into her internship at the Frankfurt Office of Euro London Appointments. The aim of this endeavour was to gain some valuable work experience and of course to improve my level of German. While all is thankfully going well in the office, what of my language learning? Has my German improved over the last two months and in my opinion is applying for an internship at Euro London Appointments a worthwhile investment of the language learner’s time? (more…)

Why You Should Consider Temporary Work

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temp Are you a recent graduate with no Grad scheme lined up? Have you taken a career break after starting a family or travelling and looking to get back into work? Are you a freelancer with some spare time and want to earn some extra money? If you are currently in one of these situations, carry on reading! (more…)

What Does Being A Resourcer Actually Involve? Margaret O’Keeffe Tells Us About Her Experience So Far…

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Frankfurt   Euro London Appointments  - One month in...   (more…)

The Myths and Facts of French Employment

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The rest of Europe may jump to the conclusion that it’s la belle vie when it comes to the French working week, with the stereotypes of the 35 hour week and 2 hour lunches. However not all is as it seems, the 35 hour working week is often but words on a contract ignored not by employers but by employees. Many find 35 hours not enough time to get their work done, especially in sales roles where this extra work will mostly relate to extra commission! And as for the lunches you’re more likely to find your staff in McDo than eating at the local bistro with a Coca Light not a glass of wine. The average French employee works 6.1 hours more than the standard 35 hour ‘myth’ which is less than some of its   European neighbours known for their work ethic. However it’s not all about time but also efficiency, as you can see from the 2nd chart people obviously aren’t sat around munching on patisserie all day. However the French workforce also benefits from some of the best employee protection globally and excellent company benefits such as excellent healthcare, ticket resto and half of all Greater Parisian transport paid for. That means half subsidised lunch (McDo or elsewhere) and a 35 euro (27 GBP) monthly transport cost for the whole of Greater Paris (as of September 2015) as opposed to the £123 - £288 in Greater London. Alors… The conclusion is France is a country where the workforce work hard and because of that enjoys excellent benefits. If you’ve got the right attitude you can make it in a company and there is definitely money and job satisfaction to be found. If you’re interested in living in France and are a motivated candidate then why not get in touch with us at paris@eurolondon.fr

A Rise In The Job Market for 2013 Graduates!

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With the crisis that hit the worldwide economy over the past few years slowly getting better and the rise in student grades increasing, many employers have positively changed their perception when it comes to hiring. This positive change is to benefit fresh graduates from university.   In 2012 the number of graduates leaving with university with Firsts soared. According to figures, a staggering 64 per cent of students proudly graduated either a first or 2:1. However, this has caused some controversy as students now fear that their grades alone will not help them stand out from the crowd in the fiercely competitive job market. As a result students are now urgently seeking work experience.   There are a number of positive skills and career building attributes you can learn from an internship/work experience that will prepare you for the working world, these include: demonstrating effective critical thinking skills, demonstrating higher-order thinking skills, adapting to writing for different audiences in an effective manner, applying information and skills learned in the classroom to workplace situations, deciding whether a career in a given area is right for you in the long term, and developing project management, time management, and decision-making skills   Regardless of this news, there is some positive news for graduates in 2013 as employers are set to hire more graduates. According to High Fliers research graduate vacancies are set to rise by 2.7 per cent this year, compared to last. [1] This is brilliant news for graduates in the upcoming year.   Either as an employer or a student how much do you think internships can benefit students before contracted employment?     [1] http://www.independent.co.uk/student/news/jobs-boost-for-graduates-8450281.html