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The B-WORD. Let’s Look Beyond The Headlines #DespiteBrexit

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I’m diving straight in with the B word. It matters to me and to Euro London, the Multilingual Recruitment business I’ve worked in for the last 13 years.

We’re determined that Brexit won’t be something that is done to us, rather something that presents questions for us to answer.

I’m an optimist (often to the point of blindness). Since the referendum, I’ve been hunting for the positives. The ‘Despite Brexit’ stories about the UK and where we’re going as a country, what it means for us and the people we work with now, in the near future and in the long term.

I find articles and share them: Tech investment, the financial services sector, business spendingthe economydesirability as a destination for employers, employees and students.

PwC analysis of the UK economy suggests some medium term drag, but no reason why the ground won’t be made up in the long run. That said, the relatively optimistic stories seemed consistently London-centric so it was important to delve a bit deeper for more ‘Despite Brexit’ news.

Business spending is on the ‘up’ nationwide, according to Metro Bank. Bookings for European holidays in 2018 are up despite a weaker pound. Looking even more closely (and closer to home) at Euro London, our open vacancies  requiring languages across the North of England and the Midlands are up 33% year on year.

What’s my point here? It’s to look beyond the headlines and cut through the politics. Despite Brexit, European and world language skills remain critical for businesses across the UK. Businesses like ours that rely on languages and have operations outside of the UK could choose to be paralysed by fear as the negotiations (and media reactions to them) lurch in all directions, or we could just get on with it. The latter is the popular option. We adapt and evolve too; for example our Chinese speaking opportunities this year are up over 500% on 2015! Honda’s commitment to UK investment suggests appetite for Japanese language skills should remain steady despite initial wobbles; Softbank’s acquisitions and investments confirm it.

No guarantees can be given of course but talented, motivated people from all corners of the globe, EU and non-EU, are still proactively seeking UK based opportunities now. We hear our client’s and candidate’s stories and try to answer their questions daily. We support them and help them build teams and careers. Despite Brexit.

Written by Ben Brogden, Manager

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