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The Bucket List

  •  Posted on Jan 27, 2012  by  | No Comments

I recently read a blog about kicking the bucket, a phrase that is widely known around the world due to its use in popular culture. It got me thinking about what most people’s ambitions in life are and what we sometimes say but sadly never accomplish. For those of you who may not know what a bucket list is, it’s a list you compile of things you’d like to do before you die, or kick the bucket. Many people’s ambitions and dreams are fulfilled by making sure that they know what they want out of life, they have a target they aim for and they go for it.

This could be a whole multitude of activities and ambitions, from doing something thrill seeking to doing something self enhancing.


Bucket lists are like New Years resolutions, we make them so we make sure we have an impetus to act on something, it gives us the little kick necessary to strive to better ourselves.

Activities on the peoples bucket lists range from Skydiving to travelling to a certain place on the planet or swimming with sharks and learning a second language (something most of you reading this will have already accomplished). But these are often pleasure and not business, with people often leaving their career to grow naturally instead of chasing opportunities. The use of languages in the workplace is on the up and up. The realisation of what a multilingual person can bring to an international company is growing everyday! So why not look to progress your career through opportunity? Here at Euro London Appointments we get jobs in everyday we look to fill with the best possible candidate, do you feel this is your chance?

What activities would you like to accomplish in life?


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