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Using Your Languages In The Workplace

  •  Posted on Feb 28, 2012  by  | Comments are off for this post.

Here at Euro London Appointments we specialise in multilingual and international recruitment, therefore the vast majority of our roles require knowledge of at least one other language.


There is however a common misconception that if you can speak more than one language there are only two careers you can go into; teaching and translating. I can assure you this is not true, the success of Euro London Appointments over the last 22 years can vouch for that.

There are a range of opportunities in the jobs market where knowing a language will be a distinct advantage, if not a necessity for your career.


Over the last 22 years we’ve not only opened offices around Europe, but also new departments to deal with the demand in multilingual job opportunities as well. We currently have ten departments covering different work sectors around Europe and other parts of the world.


Whether you’d like to work in the public or private sector, being multilingual will certainly open doors.


Knowledge of a second language in the public sector offers you opportunities to gain employment in Government departments, Diplomatic positions and working directly within the European Union itself.


In the private sector there are a much wider range of job opportunities involving languages; multinational companies are embracing the use of languages to help improve their business forward through increased communication. Nowadays a car may be made from parts from one side of the world and those parts built from raw materials sourced from another side of the world; businesses need communication to survive, function and thrive in this ever globalised world we live in, something that multilingualism plays a vital role in.


You will find roles for all types of jobs through our various departments whether you’re looking for work in Banking and Finance, Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Human Resources, Accountancy and Law, Betting and iGaming, IT and Telecoms, Call Centre and Customer Service, Secretarial and Support, Interim and Executive Management.


The knowledge of a second, third or fourth language will unlock a wealth of opportunity for you and your career.