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[:en]Why Do Recruiters Ask for Salary Expectations?[:]

  •  Posted on Jun 29, 2017  by  | No Comments

[:en]This is my favourite question during an interview!

Recruiters ask for your salary expectations because of several reasons:

1. To understand if a company can afford you

2. To make sure we offer you the salary which is interests you

3. To understand the salary range in the industry better

Now, let’s see why these topics are important.

  •  If your salary expectations are far above the budget, it will not make sense to further discuss the role.
  • If your current salary is, say, £70k then would you consider roles for £65k or less? This well depends on several factors, incl. your overall satisfaction at job and the market average.
  • Some companies clearly over or underpay their employees. Having a real picture of what the salary ranges are, we could adjust the remuneration policies and make sure that good candidates are not leaving because of 10% salary-increase.

Many candidates are afraid of revealing their current salary, assuming they would get paid less. Usually this is not the case as underpaid employees leave the company and thus the whole hiring process doesn’t make sense for the employer. However, If you want to be fairly paid and not sure if your current salary is in line with the market, do your homework.

Written by Evgeniya Akulova – Euro London, German office[:]


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