Mandarin speaking Marketing Assistant

Assisting Marketing manager on marketing research, consumer analysis and competitive review
Assisting marketing manager to design marketing promotion pricing and strategies
Developing and monitoring marketing campaigns, afterward analyzing the results of market activities and campaigns
Coordinating with Sales departments on offline promotions and events
Recruiting and supervising our campus brand managers from different universities so as to help hit sales target
Managing and developing relationships with both suppliers and partners
Liaising with Chinese Students and Scholars Association of different universities to co-host student activities and increasing brand awareness among our target student market

Minimum One year experience in marketing or similar roles
Familiar with both Eastern and Western communication channels
Ability to insight the market movements and think actively
Strong analytical and problem solving orientation
Good communication skills (including excellent written skills in both English and Mandarin)
Advance IT skills particularly with MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint



Wendi Yang

About me: I grew up in Xi’an, a City in central China and moved to the UK to discover different cultures and experience the European lifestyle. Before moving to London, I lived in Liverpool for 2 years. I have worked in recruitment for over 3 years now and mainly focus on the Chinese Market. The reason why I love what I do? Recruitment offers a day-to-day challenge which makes you develop determination and mental toughness.

In my free time I enjoy going to the country side on long hikes or bike rides.   I also enjoy a cold beer on a sunny day.

Fun fact: I hiked up the Mount Hua, known as one of the most dangerous hikes in the world!