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3 ways to ace the application process (Pirate Style)

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  1. Before you send your CV, call!

“Hello. This is Captain Hook speaking.”

*Friendly and cheerful*   “Hi, my name is Jan and I am calling for the position of Pirate Trainee. I worked in the treasury department of a Caribbean bank in the past and am a master in martial arts. So I thought this posting was quite interesting and I wanted to know what documents you are expecting from applicants.”

“Hi Jan, thanks for your call! For the beginning your CV is fine. Please note that this job is offering a success dependent bonus only without fixed salary.”

“That’s fine, thank you! Which email address should I send my CV to?”


“Alright Captain Hook, then I will send you my CV within the next 2 hours. Bye”


  • Make the hiring manager curious and show positivity but don’t take 5min of his time to tell him what he can read in 10sec on your CV


  1. Taylor your CV for each job you apply for

Most of us write a specific Motivational Letter for each job application but we use the same CV. However, you should always change both according to the requirements in the job ad.

For example if you apply to a classy and conservative pirate ship, you want to bring across values like trust, stability, and first-class service. But if you apply to a pirate start-up it is very different. Innovation, creativity and taking risks are key words you want to mention in your CV.

Also, hiring managers use specific wording. Try to put exactly those key words into your CV so it becomes “scannable” as most hiring managers don’t have time to read each CV thoroughly. If the job requirements are a question, then your CV should be the answer to them. Somebody from outside the industry should be able to tell that it’s a great match when she/he looks at a job ad and your CV.


  1. Be a great communicator and be available for interviews

You receive positive feedback, well done! You already see yourself cruising the seven seas and talking to a parrot. But you’re not there yet! First you need to…

  • Be quick and clear in your communication. Answer questions directly and make yourself available for interviews in the following week. An unavailable/ difficult candidate is usually seen as an uncommitted candidate
  • Research what the media wrote about Captain Hook and his ship lately – he will find it flattering and you can ask good questions about their future goals
  • In the interview, give “business card replies”. Everything you say should fit on a business card. Then let the other person ask further or switch the topic




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