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30 Countries Euro London Consultants Would Like to Visit

  •  Posted on Jun 19, 2020  by  | No Comments

We’ve been dreaming of exotic excursions and planning our next trip once travel restrictions have been lifted. Here are our dream destinations which hopefully we shall visit soon!

  1. Cuba, because I’ve been there before and I love country and people                       
  2. Turkey, especially Cappadocia, because I would love to see the region and to explore the ‘cave houses’                           
  3. Mexico, I’m a huge fan of traditional Mexican cuisine and super interested in visiting the country once                           
  4. Australia, my biggest hobby is photography and I wish to make a photo-tour through the country                      
  5. India! Would love to have an inside of their culture & food                         
  6. Maldives for their beautiful beaches       
  7. Canada, to visit old friends          
  8. New Zealand – because is far away from everywhere
  9. Hawaii – because is far away from everywhere
  10. I would love to visit Bora Bora, to wake up in a villa above the waters      
  11. Vietnam – culture & landscape  
  12. Scandinavia – culture & landscape           
  13. Africa – Safari   
  14. South Africa has been on my to – do list way too long now. Beautiful, wide landscapes.              
  15. Same for Sri Lanka          
  16. Italy: always my favourite place to travel for a short trip. And the country needs a big hug after all of this!        
  17. My next travel plans is to Greece to see the gorgeous islands of Santorini and Corfu.  And my dream destination is South Africa.            
  18. Alaska  
  19. Alsace  
  20. Russia   
  21. Poland  
  22. Iceland 
  23. China    
  24. Germany for a freshly poured beer in a Biergarten.
  25. I want to go to Bali to lie in a hammock and drink cocktails
  26. I want to go to Nepal to climb to base camp of Everest
  27. I want to continue hiking the Rockies in Canada
  28. Armenia
  29. Philippines
  30. Jordan

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