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30 weird and wonderful national holidays that are celebrated in May

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Fri, May 1Batman Day
Sat, May 2National Homebrew Day
Sun, May 3National Lumpy Rug Day
Mon, May 4National Star Wars Day
Tue, May 5National Teacher Appreciation Day
Wed, May 6International No Diet Day
Thu, May 7World Password Day
Fri, May 8National Have A Coke Day
Sat, May 9National Lost Sock Memorial Day
Sun, May 10National Shrimp Day
Mon, May 11National Twilight Zone Day
Tue, May 12National Limerick Day
Wed, May 13National Frog Jumping Day
Thu, May 14National Dance Like a Chicken Day
Fri, May 15Bike to Work Day
Sat, May 16National Sea Monkey Day
Sun, May 17National Walnut Day
Mon, May 18National No Dirty Dishes Day
Tue, May 19National Devil’s Food Cake Day
Wed, May 20National Pick Strawberries Day
Thu, May 21National Strawberries and Cream Day
Fri, May 22National Solitaire Day
Sat, May 23World Turtle Day
Sun, May 24National Escargot Day
Mon, May 25Towel Day
Tue, May 26National Blueberry Cheesecake Day
Wed, May 27National Cellophane Tape Day
Thu, May 28Hamburger Day
Fri, May 29National Paperclip Day
Sat, May 30National Hole In My Bucket Day
Sun, May 31National Speak in Sentences Day


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