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30 Weird & Wonderful Jobs

  •  Posted on Jun 12, 2020  by  | No Comments

Over the recent months you may feel you are now highly qualified for a number of these jobs. Certainly, if you have a look at our list of 30 products we have increased in usage over lockdown you can imagine we have a number of Consultants who could easily slip into new careers as Chocolate Consultants, Tea Tasters and Netflix Taggers. Perhaps a number of those who have been homeschooling could see a future as a Lego Builder!  

Below list courtesy of and

  1. Chocolate Consultant
  2. Beer Taster
  3. Master Sommelier ea
  4. Gumologist
  5. Tea Taster
  6. The Professional Bridesmaid
  7. Dog Surfing Instructor
  8. Shark Tank Cleaner
  9. Zookeeper
  10. Fortune Cookie Writer
  11. LEGO Builder
  12. Destination Wedding Photographer
  13. Creature Designer
  14. Professional Snuggler
  15. Sex Toy Tester
  16. Professional “Zombie ”
  17. Waterslide Tester
  18. Netflix ‘Tagger ’
  19. Mystery Shopper
  20. Paradise Island Caretaker
  21. Professional sleeper
  22. Drying paint watcher
  23. Train Pusher
  24. Professional Mourner
  25. Snake Milker
  26. Dog food taster
  27. Odour Judge
  28. Marmite Taster
  29. Scuba Diving Pizza Delivery Man
  30. Euro London Recruitment Consultant*

*OK this may not come under the “weird” category but it could be a wonderful opportunity for a self starter who is eager to use their language skills!


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