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Celebrating International Women’s Day

  •  Posted on Mar 08, 2018  by  | No Comments

International Women’s Day. A reminder of how far we’ve come on equality and inclusion but how far there is to go.

At the current rate of progress, gender parity is still more than a century away according to the World Economic Forum. We have to quicken the pace and #PressforProgress daily.

At Euro London, we’re happy to have been co-founded by a woman, that women make up 75% of our senior management team and that women lead our company from the front by topping our performance charts year after year. Nearly 25% of our international workforce is made up of working mothers not only within Consultancy roles but also back office, IT and support roles as well as Senior Management. There’s no pay gap here, no need to “step up”. The nature of our business as multilingual recruiters is naturally inclusive, our team and talent pool naturally diverse.

It isn’t the same everywhere. We still need more women in tech for example. We know that and will continue our drive to #PressforProgress on gaps in pay, opportunity and pace of career progression for women, including working mothers.

We’ll be celebrating our genuinely international group of people today, just as we do every day, and would love to hear how you are too.


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