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Does the Tech market need language speakers?

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Due to international business changes, there is now more demand for language speakers. Increasing competition in different industries requires business owners to use different languages in order to scale up their companies.  Even small business owners that are aspiring to sell their services and products to different linguistic backgrounds and cultures, need to take their content to the next multilingual level. While many companies have entered the global marketplace in the digital age, none is more worldwide than those in the Tech industry.

In the Tech industry certain skills are an absolute must – skills such as a solid knowledge of programming languages, project management capabilities, and exceptional analytical and problem-solving abilities, to name but a few. But no matter where your specialty may lie within the Tech industry, being bilingual is quickly becoming an essential asset as companies are becoming more global.

Even though English is commonly seen as the global language of business, languages such as Russian, French, English, Mandarin, and German have started taking more space in the markets. There are several reasons why speaking more than one language is becoming essential in the Tech industry. The first is the global nature of the business. Another reason is that products created within the Tech industry are intended for a broad range of customers who will claim different languages as their native tongues. Hiring language speakers can help companies attracting a new base of customers that would have previously been unreachable.

Speaking a second and third language doesn’t just benefit Programmers and Software Engineers. Workers within the Customer Support and Sales segments of the industry often need to speak different languages, in order to better answer the customer needs around the world. Speaking another language does not only help companies to communicate with their customers more effectively it also exposes speakers to different cultures and patterns of behaviour.

From an employee point of view being able to speak a language that’s in demand may even result in a promotion or a higher salary, especially in a competitive industry like the technology sector. Whether you’re a Developer, Tech Sales professional or a Cloud Engineer, knowing another language will give many more opportunities within the industry.


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