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Is now the time to move?

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After my first few months at Euro London, diving deep into my market and familiarising myself with its ups, downs and nuances; one thing has become increasingly apparent to me – now is the time to change! No, really!

Never before have I seen such a candidate-driven market nor understood the genuine freedom of choice that many applicants now find themselves with. Amongst continued political and financial turmoil as we trudge through this latest recession, one thing has at least thrived – the employment market!

Despite an understandably large blip in permanent placements as Covid-19 took its toll at its peak through Feb ‘20 to Sept ‘20, vacancies are now at an abundance. In fact, vacancies remain 56.6% higher than pre-pandemic levels and even 10.3% higher than levels just one year ago. The fact is; employment opportunities remain high after a prolonged period of positive post-Covid growth, even with increased levels of employer caution brought on by global inflation.

In reality, whilst we will continue to see great economic uncertainty ahead, rising living costs and a comparative shortage of candidates in turn thanks to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the vulture-like Covid-19 pandemic still hovering over us, employers and their expansive hiring needs are still rife. Hybrid work has added a whole new dimension to the way people now conduct their professional duties (and expect to), and such is the flexibility that most companies now offer in that respect, the way in which one can work can now be filtered down to opportunities that offer this versatility.

So what have I concluded from my opening tenure in recruitment?

Traditionally, a company may have had restrictive hiring criteria based upon in-situ presence being a necessity, and indeed when presented with a glut of candidates; the choice to refine until the perfect match is met. However, it’s now candidates that – somewhat – hold the power. Does my potential employer meet my requirements and not just vice-versa? Am I offered flexibility? Does this company look progressive?

If your current company doesn’t adhere to these observations, you could find yourself in a much-better-than-anticipated situation in which to find yourself a firm that does.

Now is the time to move, and Euro London and I can make this happen for you.
Get in touch! Let’s have an exploratory discussion and see what the future could hold for you

Published by Adriana Crisan – Resourcer, Customer Support Division


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