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Linguists Did You Know…

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If you’ve studies a Modern Language you know it’s because of a variety of reasons; for the love of literature, or even an obsession with a beautiful country, or sometimes simply because you just want to take a year abroad during your university years (although we suggest to not simply study a language purely for that reason). We’re sure you’ve heard it time and time again the endless list of benefits that learning a second language can provide you with and it’s not an easy task! This is why it tends to ruffle our feathers when non language learners dismiss our efforts when it comes to the studying of a language.



We’ve come across 11 things that linguists out there know to be true:


1.People do not seem aware that you study both languages and literature.
2.Erasmus will not make you fluent in the language you are studying.
3.WordReference and JSTOR are your best friends.
4.People underestimate the usefulness of the language you are studying.
5.Hypothetical Clauses are a nightmare.
6.You will try to impress your significant other with your language skills during trips abroad.
7.Your will use WordReference and Google Translate for your homework and wonder how you will survive without it during exams.
8.Finding anything new to say about books that have been studied for 500 years is impossible.
9.People will tell you your degree is easy.
10.People will assume you want to teach or become a translator.
11.You will read most of the books in English first.


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