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Extra Miler Winner – Q1 2018

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Congratulations to our Q1 Extra Miler winner Sophie Thompson! Sophie was nominated by her colleagues for providing fantastic support to the Euro London Team. Well done Sophie!

Celebrating International Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day. A reminder of how far we’ve come on equality and inclusion but how far there is to go. At the current rate of progress, gender parity is still more than a century away according to the World Economic Forum. We have to quicken the pace and #PressforProgress daily. At Euro London, we’re happy to have been co-founded by a woman, that women make up 75% of our senior management team and that women lead our company from the front by topping our performance charts year after year. Nearly 25% of our international workforce is made up of working mothers not only within Consultancy roles but also back office, IT and support roles as well as Senior Management. There’s no pay gap here, no need to "step up". The nature of our business as multilingual recruiters is naturally inclusive, our team and talent pool naturally diverse. It isn’t the same everywhere. We still need more women in tech for example. We know that and will continue our drive to #PressforProgress on gaps in pay, opportunity and pace of career progression for women, including working mothers. We’ll be celebrating our genuinely international group of people today, just as we do every day, and would love to hear how you are too.

How do you say Happy Valentine’s Day?

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Why Machine Translators Won’t Put Human Translators Out of Work

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Three reasons why machine translators won’t be putting human translators out of work just yet As we all know, technology is developing faster and faster and there is fear that it will ultimately put us all out of work. With the improvement of technology comes the improvement of machine translation - but will this mean no future for human translators? (more…)

“No entiendo, hablas Ingles?” – How I learnt Spanish.

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Finding out that you are moving to a foreign country at the age of 10 was quite daunting, especially when the only words you know are “No entiendo, hablas Ingles?”. (more…)

What’s in a Chinese name?

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If you don’t know how to start a conversation with a Chinese person, you can start by asking about the meaning behind their name. When you speak both Chinese and English, you will understand the difference behind the logic of giving names. (more…)

Lost in Translation – Why I say ‘I Love You’ in Spanish

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When I was born, the first language I heard was Spanish. This had no particular meaning to me as it was my first language and I thought that everyone spoke it. At the age of 9 I moved to the U.S.A from El Salvador and soon I realised that not everyone spoke the language.  (more…)

“ELA is the most engaging consultancy in London”

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My name is Marco and I am a native Italian speaker. I was placed in a Customer Service role in a Multinational Company, working within the Marketing Research area. (more…)

How long does it take to learn a second language?

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We recently shared a fantastic article on our linkedin page - How long to learn that language - here's a map for that. It sparked some interest amongst the consultants here at Euro London who are all multilingual and multi skilled individuals. "It depends on how much time you dedicate on learning the language. You could spend a few hours a week or 7 days a week!" "What about fluency? There are all sorts of levels." "it depends on learning ability, it's not always about timing." We decided to share information on how long it took our consultants to learn a second language and how they became fluent in a language.  
  • Stacey Arnison - Country Director
Language: Spanish Where did you learn Spanish?: Chatham Grammar School for Girls + The University of Portsmouth How long was the course for?: School was 5 years (GCSE + A Level), Uni was 4 years including a year abroad Did you move to a country where you got the chance to practice your language? Yes, Granada in the south of Spain What level of fluency are you?: Fluent What tips would you provide to someone who wants to learn Spanish?: Spend a minimum of 6 months in the country of the language you are learning and do not stop practicing when you get home. Use it or lose it. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, everyone does so just learn from them. Have you always used your language skill in your career? Yes  
  • Ben Brogden - Manager
Language: German Where did you learn German?: I started  at 11 in my first year of secondary school. After completing GCSE and A-Level studies, I opted to study not only law (70%) but also German (30%) at the University of Sheffield. How long was the course for?: It was actually departing from any course and learning independently that made all the difference. Using the language to manage all aspects of personal (finding a flat, managing bills and contracts etc..) and social life (Dusseldorf’s old town is known in Germany as the longest bar in the world; the beer bolstered my confidence to speak) moved me on to a far more natural level, including thinking in German more than 50% of the time; even dreaming in German. Did you move to a country where you got the chance to practice your language? Yes, twice; The big improvement came during a year studying law at the University of Regensburg in Germany. At that stage I reached a level of fluency that enabled my first career step after graduation; a German market business development role (placed by Euro London of course). That opened up an opportunity to move to Dusseldorf, where I was able to immerse myself fully in the language and culture for 18 months. What level of fluency are you?: 13 years back in London has definitely pushed me back to pre-Dusseldorf levels but the comprehension and enthusiasm for all things German remain. What tips would you provide to someone who wants to learn German?: Big tip is to be confident; I always found that German people helped me through a conversation if there were gaps in vocabulary and the more I grasped the nettle, the more often it paid off in terms of building the number of situations I could enter with total belief. Have you always used your language skill in your career? The German language and Germany have been central to my career from day one and I wanted it that way. That’s why I walked into Euro London’s office the day after finishing my studies, CV in hand.  
  • Josh McClean - Senior Consultant
I started learning German when I was 13 at school and after numerous school trips to Germany and family ski trips to Austria I decided to continue at Sheffield University. During my 3rd year I spent a year working for an independent translation agency in Hamburg. Living with a host family and playing for a local rugby club made sure I could practise my German on a daily basis outside of work which helped me to gain fluency before returning for my final year of study. Working at Euro London Appointments has allowed me to keep my German up on a daily basis when speaking to candidates and checking German translations and written tests. The best advice I can give to anyone learning any language is practice practice practice! It never goes away but some words take longer to remember than others. Viel Erfolg und viel Spaß!  
  • Callan Wilson - Senior Consultant
Language: Spanish Where did you learn Spanis?: European School of Brussels How long was the course for?: 6 years Did you move to a country where you got the chance to practice Spanish? No What level of fluency are you?: B2 (upper intermediate) What tips would you provide to someone who wants to learn Spanish?: Travelling to Spain every year really gave a boost to the learning process. Have you always used your language skill in your career? No, I learnt Spanish up to C1 level, but having been out of practice for several years means my level has dropped! Do you speak a language? If you are looking for a language speaking job, contact Europes leading Multilingual Recruitment Consultancy - Euro London Appointments. Search for Jobs

Promotion News! Callan Wilson is now Senior Consultant

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We are delighted to announce the promotion of Callan Wilson to the position of Senior Consultant for the London office. (more…)

The B-WORD. Let’s Look Beyond The Headlines #DespiteBrexit

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I'm diving straight in with the B word. It matters to me and to Euro London, the Multilingual Recruitment business I’ve worked in for the last 13 years. (more…)

“I Am Genuinely Proud To Say I Work For Euro London”

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We interview Caryn Grosvenor about her amazing journey so far from Associate Consultant to Principal Consultant, and how she became Euro London's Top performer! (more…)