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Could Recruitment choose you?

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October 2019. I am still employed as a Key Account Manager in a Tech Company in Munich, but I know, I want to make a change. I don’t want to work in a pure sales environment anymore, after almost 10 years of experience. I am 27 years old – what to do know?

Of course I received calls from Recruitment Consultants and Agencies, and of course, they all had quite interesting roles but none of them managed to convince me to stay in Sales. So one of them had the idea (she apparently liked me) to ask me, if I ever considered working in Recruitment. My first reaction was: “What? Recruitment? HR? No, this is definitely not a fit for me.”

A week later I called that special Recruiter and asked her, if I can meet the team in person. They invited me, I had two great interviews and all of a sudden, I was convinced of becoming a recruiter. That was the best choice I could have made.

December 2019. After working as a Recruitment Consultant for Euro London Appointments for only 6 weeks, I placed my first Senior Sales candidate into a Key Account Manager role in Berlin. My own background, working as a Key Account Manager in the same industry before, was absolutely helpful to identify the candidate, to pre-qualify her and to convince my customer to not only invite her but also pay her the salary she earns and not the salary, my customer was ready to pay.

As I have been not only a Sales- and Key Account Manager in my career but also a sales coach and trainer for young talents, I today have the right eye to see who is a really fitting sales candidate for which role.

Also as a 360° Recruiter, amongst other tasks, you are in charge to win new customers – this also means sales. But the sales part in recruitment is “softer” and you have a way easier approach than in software-sales. Nevertheless, it is extremely helpful if you have a lot of experience in cold-calling though. 

Summed up, I really did the best choice after not wanting to work in a pure sales environments anymore to go into recruitment. To the one hand because my experiences from sales are really helpful to make a good and successful start in recruiting sales-people, to the other hand because I realised how fantastic it is to place a candidate into his / her new role and to see, how happy he / she is with it.

Written by Johannes Freitag – Consultant – Sales & Marketing – Germany


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