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The Great Resignation or the Great Realignment?

  •  Posted on Jan 12, 2022  by  | No Comments

January is often noted as the time of the great resignation, but unless you’ve been living in a hole these past 18 months, it’s now seen as a standard monthly process. Strange what a world shattering event such as a global pandemic can make one do, but rather than going through the whole navel gazing exercise of scrolling through Exit Interviews and crying “where did we go wrong??!” perhaps take a closer look at where your ex-staff are going.

Yes, you will find the flash of cash is going to get pulses racing and legs running but upping your salaries is not necessarily going to be the answer, often it’s the challenge of a totally new sector or environment.  Changing careers to spend time with family (and not in a shamed politician sense) you cannot compete with, you can offer flexibility, working from home etc but if it’s to take over a family business you ain’t going to get a look in. There’s no getting away from it but Covid has really shaken up recruitment and after staying put over furlough and lockdowns, employees are re-evaluating their lives sooner and taking greater risks with their careers.

So what can you do?

Feedback is essential; regular face-to-face meets, employee surveys and of course Exit Interviews will give you insight as to how your employees priorities may have shifted over the course of the pandemic. Offering flexibility for those who may not have seen families for months, better work-life balance, greater focus on wellbeing and mental health, re-establishing which parts of the role makes your employees excited and giving these greater emphases are all steps in the right direction.

Ultimately, as the pandemic rattles on companies will continue to see a high rate of resignations, however this could be an opportunity for you to realign your teams, nurture your new talent and see greater retention in the future.

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