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Why should I work with a Recruiter?

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Dear Laura,

Recently I was approached by several Recruiters. This is a new experience for me. Why should I work with you?

Thank you for a great question! Let me tell you why…

I know my clients

I know my clients well as I have been working together with them for many years. I make it a point to meet them in person, especially when engaging with a new client. This gives me a better understanding of the environment and culture of your future employer. Why this is interesting for you, well… you will have a better insight to what it would feel like to work for them.

I offer career and salary advice

Does the question ‘What are your salary expectations?’ leave you wondering what to say? I know exactly how you feel. I was in your position a long time ago. As an experienced recruiter, I can tell you what a realistic figure is. I also share what other benefits my clients offer as well as possible career developments within the company.

I will guide you through your job search journey

Especially if you are a newbie, the job market can be tricky and overwhelming to navigate. If you are an experienced candidate looking for a change, working with me as your Recruiter has many benefits. I share the most suitable career opportunities with you. I guide you through the recruitment process. As I have good working relationships with my clients, I am well informed about your chances for the job and the timeframe.

I will be there for you

Do you have questions that you do not want to ask the client directly? No problem. I will do the asking. If I do not know the answer straight away, I will find it out for you. To me, I am not just a Recruiter, but a Consultant and Mediator so feel free to ask me whatever is on your mind.

I get to your new destination quicker

Have you have applied for a job and have not heard a thing from the company for weeks? That will not happen when we work together. I will give feedback and make sure to speed-up the interview process so you will be starting your new job in no time.


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