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Why you should work with us – Multilingual Recruitment Consultants

  •  Posted on Apr 30, 2020  by  | No Comments

A hotly disputed discussion always seems to be needed before you decide to work with external partners – no matter in what department you are.

In HR, to even consider working with agencies can be hard because recruitment agencies could be seen as a replacement of your internal talent acquisition team and/or HR department.

But is this really the case?

Your internal talent acquisition team works to build up a network of fitting candidates for your company. Their active work begins long before the interview process or any job advertising. They have to use several sources to acquire new talents for your company. Those sources are of course fairs and conventions, social media, job ads on your homepage, advertising on job portals and a dozen more. Why would it be wrong to add a good recruitment consultant as a source to support their work?

The main task of the HR department and the internal talent acquisition specialists is to bring together talents (either from an internal pool or from external sources) to open roles in your company. For them, it means a lot of preliminary work viewing CVs, sorting them out, identifying potential matches, contacting them, arranging interviews and holding the interviews, and so on and so forth. Why not work with a Recruitment Consultant to avoid this preliminary work and concentrate on the important part – making decisions and making it happen.

A Recruitment Consultant is by no means a replacement for your talent acquisition nor your HR department –  but a valued addition.

Plus: You usually don’t have to pay anything upfront. All you have to do is give your commitment to pay the service fee, as soon as a candidate starts working with you.

Why not give it a try?

Get in touch with us and let’s start a partnership.

We offer different services tailored to your needs and put you in touch with candidates you may never have found through your classic recruitment channels. We will advertise your jobs on the internet, on social media, job boards and of course within our networks. We will contact potential candidates, interview them, pre-qualify them, coordinate the interview process – and leave the decision up to you.

Additionally, we at Euro London specialize in multilingual candidates. Our team speaks over 16 languages fluently and we make sure to have someone on the team test our candidates for the languages you need.

Let’s make it happen together!

Written by Johannes Freitag – Consultant – Sales & Marketing – Germany


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