Cookie Policy

Insights Tracking Cookies

Insights tracking uses 3 cookies to collect the source and journey the user has taken. Below are the purposes for each one so any cookie policies can be updated.

Euro London Appointments only captures and persists the data contained within these cookies when a user
submits a form on the website. For unknown anonymous visitors to our website (who never convert) this data is never stored by our systems.

Cookie Name Purpose

Records the referrer, utm source, utm medium and utm_campaign values that were present when the user lands on the website.

These are stored in a cookie so they persist after the user has navigated to another page.

_sf_journeyRecords the list of pages the user navigates to during a visit, and how long they spent on each page.

This is stored as a cookie so it persists as the page changes, and the new data can be appended to the end.
Records the timestamp of the last interaction the user had. This is used to decide if the next page visit counts as a new session because too much time has passed.

This is stored as a cookie so it persists after the user has left the site and can still be used when they return later
Google Analytics Tracking 
_gaAnalytics tag used to distinguish users.
_ga_<container-id>Analytics tag used to persist session state