Just another Manic Monday?


Euro London

Date Posted

15th January 2024


Blue Monday, Happy Tuesday, Hump Wednesday, Thursdays are the new Fridays, TGI Friday – is the mood labelling of days really appropriate in this age of wellbeing and mindfulness?

Throughout January there are constant reminders about post-Christmas blues, with the UK weather providing an appropriate backdrop of freezing weather, teeming rain and dark days. Easy to see why advertisers seize on the general malaise to push sun drenched beaches, exercise programmes, lifestyle changes – and yes, we as Recruiters are just a bad and will promote January as the necessary time to review your career. New year, new you!

However, are we talking ourselves into this? Why should January trigger a whole wave of miserable retrospection when perhaps we should be congratulating ourselves on what we have achieved, and how we can build on that throughout the year. It doesn’t have to be a mega life change, it could be the fact you managed to put the bins out on time (which surely in anyone’s book should be loudly celebrated), addressed that typo on your CV or completed a crossword. These may be considered little wins but they still deliver that shot of dopamine to give you a boost.

Let’s relegate Blue Monday to the bin (before we put the rubbish out) and instead look forward to a year of possibility!